As of June, 2020, Hardened Power Systems is still operating, and we are actually manufacturing above normal capacity. Thankfully, our shop is very remote, our town is small, and we have an amazing team that has their heads screwed on straight.

We have listed some items as ‘out of stock’ that are temporarily compromised, due to workload or parts availability.  The products that are still available to purchase are ones that we CAN build and deliver, but with longer lead times.  Typically, from one to three weeks.

We might not have our long-standing ‘answer on the second ring’ phone support for a while.  Things are a bit crazy here as we pivot to respond to a changing business environment.  Preferred contact method is via email :  If you do call, please leave a message.  Key team members receive a transcript of your voicemail immediately. 


Bill Harrison

Hardened Power Systems, USA.

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