COVID-19 Update:      As of July, 2021, Hardened Power Systems is still operating at full capacity. despite the madness that surrounds us.  We were declared critical for FEMA in March of 2020, and were not allowed to close our doors.  We kept them open, and were proud to do so, although things were a bit sketchy.  Our team has strengthened and grown through these trying times, and we remain standing, ready to respond to a changing landscape.

As you have probably heard, supply chains are now a real challenge.  Happily, the vast majority of our raw materials and components are sourced right here in the USA.  We also build our gear right here.  This gives us an advantage as we struggle to manage new and interesting challenges.



We have listed some items as ‘out of stock’ that are temporarily compromised, due to workload or parts availability.  The products that are still available to purchase are ones that we CAN build and deliver, but with longer lead times.  Typically, from one to three weeks.


We are almost back to our long-standing ‘answer on the second ring’ phone support.  Yay!  Also should have chat functionality soon.





Bill Harrison


Hardened Power Systems, USA.