About Us

Hardened Power Systems© is a research, design, manufacturing and fabrication shop in Tennessee. Our specialty is portable power systems and unique accessories that are designed and built with a level of quality and durability that is lacking in the civilian marketplace. We use high quality materials and components and build each unit with great care. Each system is bench-tested and ‘burned in’ before shipping, then packed carefully and shipped to your door.

Important update follows…

As of March, 2018

Our new warranty:

For many years, we have had an unwritten ‘Make It Right’ warranty.  This was possible because of simple trust between ourselves and our customers.  Basically, within reason, if anything went wrong with our gear and you shipped it to us, we would ‘make it right’ and ship it back to you at our cost, regardless of how long you owned our gear.

Recently, thanks to credit card processors and attorneys, we have been told that our warranty is too generous and too vague, and we need a clear warranty with specific time limits.

Here is our new, official, and hopefully lawyer-approved warranty:

Anything you buy from Hardened Power Systems is meant to WORK.  We warranty that your gear will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase.  If our gear fails within two years, please call us and arrange to ship it to our shop.  We will fix it and ship it back to you at our cost.  If our gear fails AFTER two years, call us.  We will probably still fix it for free, and only charge you for the actual cost of components.  You maybe should not tell our lawyers.

Hopefully the above ‘official’ warranty assuages the folks with sharp pencils and legal degrees.

Best regards,

Bill Harrison

Founder & President

Hardened Power Systems, USA

Our market is ever-expanding, and includes HAM radio operators, military, preppers, outfitters, wilderness guides, search and rescue, EMT and Fire Crews, Disaster and Civil Preparedness personnel, campers, hunters and more.  Many of our customers live in apartments or condos and simply need a small back up power system.

We strongly believe that an educated customer is a good one. We LOVE it when someone investigates the marketplace. Generally, people discover that our products simply have better specs, better components, and better value. Above all, when people see the quality that goes into the construction of our products, they are impressed.

Our unique business model…

This is a family owned business with all the elements of a much larger business in a single facility.  We invent, design, refine, manufacture, sell, and ship our products. There is no middle man between ourselves and our customers.  This approach has yielded steady growth without paid advertising.  We rely entirely on happy customers and word of mouth.  THANK YOU for your interest, your time, and your patronage.

A word about Quality…

When something is designed and built well, using quality materials, you can generally tell just by handling it. Our gear is no different. We use stainless steel hardware, pure stranded copper wiring, and high quality components. Just like quality tools can make a difficult job easier, quality components and materials actually increase efficiency and shorten assembly times. 

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