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Recon Air | Powerful, Flexible, and Extremely Compact.
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Powerful, flexible, and extremely compact portable radio power station.

Releasing the stainless steel latches separates the three components, allowing you to arrange them to suit the situation. The main housing contains the LiFePo4 battery bank and securely holds a mid-sized radio. The Head Unit is tethered via Powerpoles to the main housing, and allows control and feedback for the system. The third module contains two 3 watt speakers, a headphone jack, a speaker defeat switch, and storage for a microphone and cable.

Raising the lid reveals your rig, securely held with beefy silicone straps. These straps easily stretch to accommodate different radios, and allow tool-free removal and installation, while not marring or scratching the radio.

The tray that holds the radio glides forward easily by pulling on the wrist-rest, and if desired, the radio is then tipped upward and held at a comfortable operating angle. The two external flip down legs can raise the entire case to even a higher angle.

There are rubber bumpers on the top, bottom, and rear of the unit. They provide a secure grip to whatever surface the machine is on.

The Recon Air is precisely CNC machined from marine-grade HDPE, and is held together with mortise-and-tenon construction and 18-8 stainless steel hardware. It is incredibly tough, and is resistant to bumps, scratches, and drops. This material is highly UV resistant, and does not stain, warp, or become brittle.

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  • 96 Watt hour LiFePo4 Battery bank, built by us in our shop in Tennessee. It is protected from overcharge, over discharge, and shorting by a sophisticated Battery Management System. Expected lifespan is over 2,000 charge cycles. This chemistry is incredibly light and energy dense, providing less than half the weight and twice the power of comparable lead-acid batteries.
  • Chassis is marine-grade HDPE, hardware is 18-8 stainless steel.
  • Integrated three-stage charge controller, solar ready up to 60 watts. Also charges with the included AC wall-wart, which accepts worldwide voltage.
  • The LCD power meter tracks power in real-time. Peak amps & watts, max and min volts, as well as total Ah and Wh consumed since power-on.
  • The head unit includes two USB power ports, switched, that each provide up to 3 amps of power for your devices. Great for a phone, a tablet, or a Raspberry Pi if you are running digital modes.
  • Integrated into the head unit is a gang of four Anderson Powerpoles. These are un-switched, and can handle up to 30 amps combined. Excellent for powering a tuner, amp, or a secondary rig.
  • The unique 'open' design of the Recon Air means that there is no antenna extension between your antenna and your rig. The rear of the machine is entirely open for direct connection to your antenna.
  • The Recon Air is covered by our industry-leading two-year warranty. If you have a problem we cannot resolve through phone support, we will make it right.

OPTIONAL: Solar Panel Charger. Recharge the Recon Air in the field, even while it is being used


27 watts of solar power, ultra slim.

Our Solar Charger Comes with a 10 foot extension cable and plugs directly into the Recon Air.

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