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The ReVolt G2 is 7.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.75″ and weighs just 27 ounces.

  • The battery is a 12.8 volt 4.5 AH (58 Watt hour) LiFePo4 bank.
  • The internal three stage charge controller will accept up to a 60 watt solar panel.
  • The included wall charger will charge the system in 4 hours or less.
  • The internal Battery Protection Circuit prevents overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuits.
  • The USB drivers are independent, switched, and are 3 amps each.
  • The volt meter continuously displays the system voltage, and reacts to confirm solar or AC charging.
  • The case is high-impact ABS and thick rubber.
  • Four rubber feet protect the rear and allow the ReVolt to stand vertically.
  • All hardware is stainless steel.


The video, below, is a detailed introduction to the ReVolt G2:


Front view:

The Volt Meter is continuously updated, and draws less than 23 ma. It shows the standing voltage of the system, and reacts immediately when input or output changes. This is useful to confirm that solar charging or AC charging is occurring, as well as knowing voltage as you draw down the battery. This meter is also protected by a thick pour of ultra-hard epoxy, so no worries about damaging the LED segments.

The two USB sockets are actually independent power supplies. They are ‘smart’ USB’s, using the latest USB identification circuit. Each port is capable of delivering 3 amps. With USB splitters, the ReVolt can easily ‘fast charge’ four smart phones at once. It can do this while simultaneously accepting solar or AC charging.


The two sets of Power Poles are arranged in the standard ARES/RACES format, and can deliver a combined or independent 6 amps of power.

The master switch (behind the eye strap) is rated for 16 amps and can handle anything the ReVolt does. When off, the battery is disconnected from all power points. When on, the voltmeter and Power Poles are energized. The USB drivers have their own independent switch at the rear of the ReVolt.

The eye-strap is marine grade cast stainless steel. It protects the master switch from accidental movement, protects the front of the ReVolt from hard drops, and provides a solid attachment point for a tether, I.D. tag, or other attachment.

The front and rear plates are 1/16″ thick laser engraved PVC. Very tough, UV resistant, and washable.

A word about the battery type:

LiFePo4 chemistry is simply amazing. It is not cheap up front, but it is the most economical over time because of it’s long life and great number of charging cycles. The chart below is like many made by independent sources, and shows a direct comparison between the best chemistries currently available in battery technology:


A word from Bill Harrison about pricing:
Here at Hardened Power Systems, we are in a unique position to deliver value for your dollar. Because we invent, design, manufacture, and sell our gear, we are able to keep tight control over costs. I realize the new ReVolt G2 is not cheap. It shouldn’t be. You simply will not find a system like it, at any price. But it is fairly priced and we are making honest claims about battery capacity and performance. Be very careful of LiFePo4 systems that seem to be too good to be true from a price perspective.

The included AC power supply will recharge the ReVolt in about 3 hours.

The included AC power supply is compatible with US and Foreign voltages.


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