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Introducing a simple solution to optimize the viewing angle of virtually any gear with a metallic housing.

A pair of KlickStands

A pair of KlickStands, one in the low setting and one in the high setting.

Many of our customers have asked for a simple way to tilt equipment upwards towards the user to improve the viewing and operating angle After a handful of prototypes and lots of tinkering, we are pleased to announce our solution:

KlickStands, shown with our Scout G1

KlickStands, shown with our JuiceBox G2

20 second intro video:

Very strong despite their small size, KlickStands attach to any metal surface. Easily stowed, easily deployed, and tough.

Klickstand with a quarter, for scale.

Klickstand with a quarter, for scale.

The KlickStand is made from 3D printed high-impact ABS. A pair has a weight limit of 30 pounds. There are two operating positions, low and high. The low position, with the leg laid flat, has a height of 0.75 inches. Rotating the leg downwards creates the high position, which is 1.5 inches.

KlickStands, in high and low position, showing the rubber feet.

KlickStands, in high and low position, showing the rubber feet.

Each KlickStand has two rubber feet and four rare-earth ring magnets. These work together to secure the unit to any metal surface and to provide a secure, non-skid point of contact with a bench, table, or any reasonably flat surface. The screws used are stainless steel.


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