JuiceBox G3

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Portable Solar Generator | WaterProof, Battery Powered
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The new JuiceBox G3 Portable Solar Generator

Customer driven design.

The spanking-new JuiceBox G3, finally out in the sunlight, basking.

Over 10 years of customer input and continuous refinement has resulted in a machine worthy of being called the ‘3rd Gen’ of the venerable JuiceBox Portable Solar Generator.

G3 at rest, but ready to serve. The included military surplus ammo can is a rugged, waterproof enclosure.

Please note: Ammo cans (like many things) have been harder to get. The can you will receive is military surplus. As such, it will have signs of wear. We promise it will be functionally and structurally sound, and will be 100% waterproof.

JuiceBox G3 at work, but not breaking a sweat. With over 500 Watt-hours of LiFePO4 Power available via AC, DC, USB, Cig sockets, and Powerpoles, This machine can keep your devices ready to go when you are. And keep them going on the road or off the grid.

Although you can purchase and use the JuiceBox G3 without a solar panel, we strongly encourage you to be sure you have a suitable solar option. This simple additional means of charging takes the machine to a new level, especially when it counts to those who count on you.

Any DC solar panel rated 60 watts or less and 14 to 19 volts will work with the G3.

Like this one. Or this one.

If you choose our solar panel, it will be a minimum 40 watts, and will be 'plug & play with your new machine. Styles may vary, as the supply chains, foreign and domestic, are wonky right now.

Our two-year warranty is only possible thanks to the quality of our gear (and customers). If you have trouble with any of our equipment that we cannot resolve through phone support, ship us the machine and we will repair or replace it at our cost and ship it back to you.

JuiceBox G3 Portable Solar Generator SPECIFICATIONS:

Please Note: We always publish full specs on our gear, right here on our website. Please do your research before you buy. We love informed customers!

  • Case is enameled steel, welded at all seams, and waterproof when closed.
  • Hinged lid is sealed with a continuous rubber gasket and is removable.
  • Modified sine-wave inverter provides 450 watts constant, 900 watts surge.
  • 40 Amp hour LiFePO4 battery bank. Sealed, spill-proof, and maintenance free.
  • Battery life is over 2,000 charge cycles
  • Sophisticated Power Meter displays amps volts and watts in real time, plus accumulated data.
  • 30 amp circuit breaker protects sensitive components—no fuses to replace or worry about.
  • Two marine-grade 12 volt sockets for all common automotive devices.
  • Two switchable Anderson Power Pole connections for high-power, Low-loss 12 volt power.
  • Two 115 VAC outlets to power common AC devices.
  • 2 USB ports, each an independent 3 amp transformer, for powering and charging phones, tablets, games, etc.
  • 5 amp automatic AC charger, three stage, with worldwide voltage compatibility.
  • 5 amp, three stage Solar Controller, easily handles up to 60 watts of solar input.
  • Tough, mil-spec foam and four rubber feet ‘float’ the system within the can to absorb vibration and jarring.
  • The JuiceBox G3 Portable Solar Generator Dimensions: 7.25” x 8.5″ x 11” Weight: 23 lbs
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