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The Operator 115 - Exclusively for the Midland MXT115

Operator 115 for the MXT115. Optional KlickStands, shown, are not included but they are a handy accessory.

This machine is nearly identical to the Operator G1, except it accommodates the powerful & compact MXT 115 by Midland USA.

The Operator 115 is a rugged system that fits securely within a 30 caliber ammo can, yet slides in or out without tools. CNC machined and 3D printed internal chassis, electrically isolated from the metal ammo can. The Machined components are cut from 1/2″ thick pieces of High Density Polyethylene. An excellent structural material. 60 WH AGM battery, chargeable from AC, DC, or solar. Internal, three-stage solar controller that handles up to 50 watts of solar input. The included AGM battery is replaceable without tools, and is a standard UB1250. Voltmeter and ammeter so you can monitor power usage and status.

Charge with solar or AC, even while the unit is being used. Powerful 3 amp USB port for powering and charging peripheral devices. Ammo can and AC charger are included.

The Midland radio, microphone, and stock antenna all fit inside the can…

Operator 115 front panel

Our two-year warranty is the best in our industry and is only possible thanks to the quality of our gear. If you have trouble with any of our equipment that we cannot resolve through phone support, ship us the machine and we will repair or replace and ship it back to you at our cost.

  • The laser engraved faceplate is 1/16″ thick ABS, not a sticker.
  • The standard GMRS channels vs. frequencies are engraved on the faceplate.
  • The blank white field (to the left of the radio) is for pencil or ink, so a call sign or name can be written.
  • Forward-facing 3 watt speaker provides plenty of volume and good tone for voice.
  • The headphone jack and speaker-defeat switch allows headphone-only or headphone-and-speaker operation.
  • Turning off the main switch makes the machine go dark but still allows the radio and speaker to operate.
  • The PowerPoles labeled ‘To Battery’ are a direct connection to the battery. This allows power out, regardless of master switch position, and also provides a field-expedient way to charge the battery, such as from a vehicle or another 12 volt source.
  • The PowerPoles labeled ‘Aux’ are controlled by the main switch, and power usage is reflected by the ammeter.

The entire unit is waterproof and (nearly) crush proof when closed.

The black stand-offs and their rubber bumpers ‘kiss’ the inside of the closed lid. This, combined with foam in the bottom of the can, ‘floats’ the entire chassis, helping the system absorb vibration and impact.

All fasteners are stainless steel.

(yes, the stock Midland antenna really does fit in there!)

The Antenna extension cable is gorgeous. Custom made for us in the U.S.A. by Wifi Expert LLC, it is a Mil-Spec cable, using shielded RG400.

The power lead to the radio has a ferrite noise suppressor and an inline fuse.

There are two spare fuses stowed securely within the chassis.

The radio is installed and removed in a few moments, without tools.

Ammo can & AC charger included

Radio not included! See the link below for good price on the MXT115:

Click Here for the Amazon link for the Midland MXT115:

Free shipping to all domestic addresses.
Hardened Power Systems has been designated ‘Critical for the Covid-19 Response’ because of the gear we build for FEMA and the military. Therefore, we are also able to build & ship Operators to civilians during this crisis. We will build and ship until we can’t. Please allow two weeks or so for shipment.

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