Reality Check

Honesty in advertisement can be an elusive thing. It is tempting to inflate a product’s capabilities and downplay its weaknesses. At Hardened Power Systems, our promise to you is that we will not only be honest with you, but we will try to explain in simple, everyday terms what you can expect from our equipment. 

This page relates specifically to the standard JuiceBox R2 with 30 AH of battery storage and 450 watt inverter. 

Things you cannot run with the JuiceBox:

· A full-size refrigerator

·An Air Conditioner of any size

· A circular saw or table saw

· A hairdryer or curling iron

· Anything that draws more than 450 watts AC constant or 900 watts surge.

· Anything that draws more than 20 amps DC constant.

Things you can run with the JuiceBox:

·Virtually any device designed to run off of your car’s cigarette lighter, probably two or three of them at once.

· Small and medium 120 volt appliances.· Small Refrigerator (‘dorm’ style).

· Multiples of any two-way radio, including Hams and CB’s.

· Lights for several rooms, a campsite, or a cabin.

· Charge (multiple times) any sort of portable electronic device like phones, tablets, Ipads, games, etc.

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