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The QRP Ranger has been replaced by the new Cadet MK1.  Please see the Cadet, HERE.

3 reviews for QRP Ranger

  1. Joe Zaccaria – W7BWA (verified owner)

    Bought the QRP Ranger early on and love it. I use it in the field with my ICOM IC-7000. I also added a Goal Zero portable solar panel.

    Thanks to the internal solar controller in the QRP Ranger, I don’t need anything extra to make this setup work for me. With the QRP Ranger alone, I have remained in the field listening and transmitting for almost 8 hours, depending on my activities. With the addition of the solar panel on a good day, I can stay out there as long as I like!

    The QRP Ranger is a rugged and well-made product. The folks at this company are very knowledgeable and go above and beyond the call of duty to help you.

  2. Ron

    My decision to get into QRP portable started with a Buddipole Deluxe antenna, X108G HF transceiver, Elecraft T1 tuner and finally the QRP Ranger. With the radio attached via the on board bungee cord, the weight is only about 6 lbs. I really like the form factor with the digital readouts and small footprint, but it really rocks with what seems like an inexhaustible power supply. The built in solar charge controller is a bonus that I have been experimenting with. It will handle 3 amps, which translates to at least 40 watt panels given real world efficiency. I went cheap and bought a 28 watt folding panel that best case has yielded less than one amp. Mostly you get what you pay for with solar panels.

    This is a great battery pack with good customer service that I would highly recommend.


  3. N8YOA Myron Baughman

    I would to know when you get more in your shop and if there a price change

    • Bill

      The QRP Ranger has been replaced by the Cadet. The Cadet has more features, more power, and is nearly the same price.

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