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The Pocket Vault is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to hold. Machined from solid american red cherry, it is hand sanded, carefully assembled, and finished with several coats of lacquer.  The Pocket Vault is tough and ready to keep small valuables secure yet available when you need them.



The inspiration for the design comes from a cold winter night I spent in Northern Michigan several years ago. Driving in a remote location, a little bit lost, and almost out of fuel, I desperately needed gas. I was happy to find an all-night station, but soon discovered that their computers were down and they could not accept credit or debit cards until the morning. I normally made a habit of carrying cash, but did not have any on me at the time. I spent a fitful, restless night parked beside the station waiting for sunrise. I had plenty of money in the bank, but could not spend it when I needed it. Never again.




I wanted to make something small enough to make it easy to keep with me, but large enough to carry a meaningful amount of money or valuables. I wanted it to look good on my key chain but not attract undue attention. I needed it to be absolutely secure, so a casual user, a valet, or a child would not even realize this little thing was a vault. Further, if someone wanted to get into it, there would only be two ways: know the trick or destroy it trying to get in.




The Pocket Vault is just 3.5″ long, 1.5″ wide, and 0.5″ thick.  Empty, it weighs just 25 grams…  less than an ounce.




When closed and locked, the Pocket Vault is nearly impossible to open unless you know the trick. Using a magnetically driven spherical lock that is inertia-actuated, this tiny vault will frustrate even the most determined inquisitor. Use the right technique, though, and your vault unlocks (or locks) in seconds…





The Pocket Vault will hold:


Four US Federal Reserve Notes (Up to $400 of emergency cash, secure and protected!).


Two full-size SD memory cards and one US Federal Reserve Note.


Ten Micro SD cards and one US Federal Reserve Note.


Two Nintendo Switch game cartridges.


Emergency medication (several capsules or tablets).


(3) 1/4 oz. US gold eagles.  😉




The Pocket Vault is tougher than it looks. Without knowing how to unlock it, it would take a hammer or a saw to get inside. We have had a fun time here at the shop asking random visitors to try and open it (looking at you, FedEx guy). You can think of it like a magic trick: until you know the trick, it defies explanation. Once you know the trick, it is simple and natural to lock and unlock.

This makes an amazing gift for a loved one, and really communicates your desire to protect and care for them. Imagine giving your wife a Pocket Vault with a couple hundred dollars in it. If she ever has a problem with a credit or debit card not working, or she forgets her purse and needs gas, she will be okay.



Another obvious application is travel, especially international travel. A money belt or pouch is smart, but the Pocket Vault is a completely new method of keeping your valuables at hand, secure and undetected.



If you would like to have a name, address, or other custom lettering engraved on your Pocket Vault, just ask in the comment section of your purchase, call the shop (931) 207-0079, or email Sales@PortableUniversalPower.com

For a limited time, we will do this at no charge. We are excited to get these little devices out the door so they can be used!

Please note: Your pocket vault will arrive with clear, simple instructions on how it is locked and unlocked.

IMPORTANT: We welcome reviews, and appreciate them. However, please do not leave a review or post a video that discusses how to operate the locking mechanism.

We would love to build you one!



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