Pilot G2

Pilot G2

Portable Power Center

The Pilot G2 is the newest addition to our rugged family of portable power products.  We think it is an industry leading example of an ideal combination of power, features, weight and size.

The housing is a 30 caliber ammunition can, and the total machine weight is just 13 pounds!




  • Case is enameled steel, welded at all seams, and waterproof when closed.
  • Hinged lid is sealed with a continuous rubber gasket and is removable.
  • 420 Wh, 33 Ah, Internal LiFePo4 Battery bank, built by us, and included in our two-year warranty.
  • Battery life is 2,000+ charge cycles.  Many years of daily use.
  • Sophisticated Power Meter displays amps volts and watts in real time, plus accumulated min / max data.
  • 30 amp circuit breaker protects sensitive components—no fuses to replace or worry about.
  • Four powerpoles in a distribution block for high-power, Low-loss 12 volt power to multiple devices.
  • 2 USB ports, switched, each an independent 3 amp transformer, for powering and charging phones, tablets, games, etc.
  • Included AC charger with worldwide voltage compatibility.
  • 5 amp Solar Controller, easily handles up to 60 watts of solar input.
  • Tough, mil-spec foam and four rubber feet ‘float’ the system within the can to absorb vibration and jarring.
  • Dimensions: 10 1/4″ long X 3 1/2″ tall X 6 1/2″ deep
  • Weight with ammo can: 13 lbs


The Pilot G2 is a highly engineered power system.  Designed and manufactured in our shop in Tennessee, it represents the best we have ever offered in terms of stored energy versus size & weight.  We are using the best battery chemistry available (in our opinion) to civilians; LiFePo4.  This chemistry is expensive, but it is surprisingly light, powerful, and incredibly safe.  The self-discharge rate is amazingly low, meaning you can charge the Pilot and then put it on the shelf for a few months.  It will still be charged when you grab it and need it.  LiFePo4 can also deliver a lot of power when you need it.  The Pilot will provide, if needed, 20 amps continuous and 30 amps for brief periods.

The amazing stored energy in the Pilot is complemented by the rest of the system.  Four Powerpoles pass through the power analyzer and connect directly to the battery.  This provides data about total power used since power-on, as well as real-time data showing how many amps and watt-hours are being pulled by your devices as they are being used.  You also see the peak amps, peak watts, and minimum voltage experienced by the system.  This is critical information to help you plan, troubleshoot, and forecast power usage.



The two USB drivers are robust 3 amp power supplies.  There is a dedicated switch to eliminate the phantom load if they are not needed.  Their output is also tracked by the power analyzer

The internal solar controller is the same tried and tested unit we use in much of our gear.  It will handle up to 60 watts of solar input, and will correctly charge the battery bank.  Both solar and A.C. charging can be done while the system is being used, and you can partially charge the Pilot at any time without any ‘memory effect’ damaging the battery bank.

See the introduction video, below:



The Pilot G2, in solid Cherry, with a hand-rubbed Danish oil finish:



The wood used is not a laminate.  The boards are planed from solid stock harvested in Wisconsin.  Gorgeous.







The ideal companion to the Pilot G1 Portable Power Center

JuiceBox G2 Portable Solar Generator - Stowable Solar Panel

27 watts of solar, ultra slim.  Just 1/2″ thick when folded!


JuiceBox G2 Portable Solar Generator - Stowable Solar Panel Folded

Comes with a 10 foot extension cable and plugs directly into the Pilot G1.

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  1. I thought this was to small to do what was claimed… I used a buddys Pilot G1 actually ran a Yaesu FT8900 all weekend, with a decent duty cycle. Sunday morning it was going strong and we used it to jump start an ATV. really impressed.

  2. Loving the Pilot. This thing ran my wifes CPAP all weekend while we were camping. she is so happy and amazed because we have tried other ways to do this. I need to get the solar panel.

  3. Fit and finish is ok, but i am not impressed. It is stil in an ammo can, right?

    But the performance is amazing if you ignore the rough exterior. I ran a laptop, a desk fan, and kept two phones charged during a three day blackout. My wife thinks I made a great buy.

  4. What is the Anderson port on the back of the unit for?

    • It is DC power out. Also measured by the power analyzer. If the Pilot is on the bench, we knew people might want a rear exit for power to an adjacent rig. Also, when we make the Expansion Kit available, the rear Powerpoles will allow easy connection to a peripheral without a cable cluttering up the front of the machine.

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