QRP Ranger

The QRP Ranger is well known for it’s dependability and portability. It is designed and built in our shop in Tennessee, and boasts our two year warranty.

Would you like a rugged QRP power source? One designed from the ground up to check all the boxes of field use? Us too! Start with 96 watt hours of the best battery chemistry available to civilians.  Wrap it in a multi-layer armored shell that shrugs off bumps, drops, vibration, moisture, and the realities of field use.

Add internal protection for over charge, over discharge, and short-circuits.

Incorporate a built-in, fully automatic, three stage, 5 amp solar controller… making the system capable of handling direct connection to any 12 volt solar panel from 10 watts to 60 watts, any direct DC source from 15 volts to 20 volts, and any AC power supply that can provide the same.

Include a battery protection module that defends the battery from abuse, and balances the individual LiFePo4 cells each time they are charged, regardless of power source.

Include an accurate volt meter and a low-draw precision amp meter, so the user can see the real-time power demand when operating.

Add Anderson power poles, in the standard configuration, both front and rear.

Incorporate a simple, effective way to secure the unit to a mobile radio, that preserves airflow, allows top or bottom mounting, and is easily removable, in seconds, without tools.

Top it off with a sturdy swing-out front leg that tips the unit (and attached radio) to a comfortable viewing angle on the bench.

The QRP Ranger is the result of listening to our customers.  Thank you for being so persistent in telling us you needed a dedicated solution for your Yaesu 817, Elecraft, Icom 703, and others.

The Original QRP Ranger, right at home…



The Ranger is 7.5″ x 5.25″ x 2.375″ and weighs 2 lbs, 10 ounces.
  • The Ranger’s housing is composed of multiple layers of 3D printed ABS and shock-absorbing PVC rubber.  It is not waterproof, but it is capable of tolerating more abuse than you expect from a portable power supply.
  • The battery bank is a 12.8 volt, 96 watt hour LiFePO4 battery that we assemble in-house.
  • Front and rear Powerpoles, un-switched, capable of 8 amps constant, distributed.
  • Powerful 3 amp USB port for charging or powering accessories.

  • Internal protection against over charge, over discharge, and short-circuit.  Allow to cool and reset if triggered.

  • The charge controller is robust and capable of accepting DC power from .5 to 5 amps, and 15 volts to 20 volts.

  • LED charge indicator shows standby / charging / finished.
  • The Volt meter draws less than 0.006 amps, and helps you confirm incoming power and state-of-charge.

  • The Amp Meter draws less than 0.005 amps, has an accuracy of +/- 0.1%, and samples every 200 mS.

  • Amp and volt meters are recessed, angled upwards, and sit in a ‘light well’ with an eyebrow to reduce glare in sunlight.

  • The diamond grip bungee cord is retained with four bi-directional hooks that allow the radio to be mounted top or bottom, without tools, in just a few moments.

  • Various power cables are available to make connection to your radio easy.  Scroll down for options.


The Ranger ships with an AC wall charger that can fully charge the unit in about 6 hours.


Within the U.S.A., the Ranger ships for free.  For orders outside of the U.S.A., please call the shop at (931) 207-0079 or email us at sales@portableuniversalpower.com and we will give you a shipping quote.


PLEASE NOTE:  We are building and shipping machines daily.  Please allow up to 7 days from your order until shipment.






Popular YouTuber CommsPrepper putting the original Ranger through some field testing.  Please note this was the first version of the Ranger, very similar to the improved version we now manufacture:



Comment from YouTuber nr3rful:   “I’m a dedicated HP fan. They make great stuff. I use their solar panel with my stuff. Have the Ranger also. Can’t get any better than that for the 817, or anything for that matter.”


Comment from YouTuber CommsPrepper:   “The QRP Ranger has been absolutely flawless, and has become a permanent addition to my comms.”


Thomas Witherspoon, founder of Ears To Our World:  “The LD-11/QRP Ranger/EFT antenna combo worked amazingly well and made for very quick deployment.”


Comment from Brian E.:   “I think you have a real hit with that QRP Ranger the more I use it.  I received an Elecraft KX2 the other day, and the Ranger lets me run the radio, an Android tablet for digital mode work, scene lighting, and keep my cell phone charged, essentially forever when I plug a Powerfilm solar panel into it.   Whole setup fits in a small case/pack, so I have an instant portable station with no fuss.”


“Beats my previous solution which was essentially a pile of everything that’s inside the QRP Ranger rigged up with powerpoles to hook up the components mix-and-match as I needed – the main win for me is the convenience of grabbing just one item.   Good show!”


Joe Z.:   “I field tested my Ranger and with my IC-7000 I was able to operate for several hours and have QSOs with Kuwait and Siberia on 20M from Blaine, WA. I have a crazy work travel schedule coming up, but I will write a QST review as promised. Many thanks!”


Christopher G., CT.:  The QRP ranger made it and works great!   Thank you!


M. Jones, CA.:  We are the owners of a number of your products and have always found that you deliver more than you promise. Your QRP Ranger is a stroke of genius for the Ham community, particularly providing the built in’s (amp/volt meters, solar charge controller plus two sets of andersons – radio & accessories). Just finished an ARES support exercise for a hospital earthquake drill (we are in SoCal), Yaesu FTM400 with QRP Ranger/w solar panel – perfect.

C. Riekens, WA:  Don’t write many reviews, but wanted to say that the Ranger has been 100% reliable even though it has been knocked around a bit.  I use it more than I thought I would.  Only problem my daughter keeps taking it to charge her phone.

B. Waters, CO:  I rely on this thing quite a bit.  Almost lost it to TSA but I remembered Bill saying “100 watt hours or less” was allowed for carry-on.  I looked and sure enough the capacity was engraved right on the Ranger.  I pointed that out to the TSA lady and she double-checked and let me through.  I use it to top off my phone and laptop during traveleing.



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