LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator

The legendary LongShot has been re-engineered from the ground up for 2018.

The LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator is a turnkey battery elimination solution for the GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero4.  If you want to make time lapses that last weeks, not hours, we can help.  If you need to run multiple cameras on your boat, race car, or aircraft, our systems can do it without the hassle of swapping batteries.  If you are simply tired of GoPro’s short run time and want a rugged, reliable tool to eliminate the battery, we can help.

LongShot Battery Eliminator for the GoPro Hero3

The LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator is waterproof, dust proof, vibration resistant.

After we invented Battery elimination for the GoPro in 2013, the race was on.  Our overseas competitors tried to copy our design with cheaper components, and made lofty claims about performance.  We simply continued to manufacture the best GoPro battery eliminator in the world, by hand, right here in the USA.

Our LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminators are in use around the world, by professionals and amateurs alike.


LongShot battery eliminator for the GoPro Hero4

If you are a LongShot owner, you are in good company:

NASA used our LongShot to film the Orion splashdown, and currently runs several systems on their drones.

  DARPA uses them in R&D for SEAL team equipment evaluation.

  Many branches of the US military use our system for training, evaluation, and surveillance.

The US Navy uses them to refine long distance targeting of missile systems.

The US Coast Guard uses our LongShot to provide coverage of deck activities.

The Canadian Railway and New York railway systems use the LongShot on their engines to record & evaluate track conditions in real time.

  The University of Michigan submerges them 30 feet below lake Michigan to evaluate the rate of sandbar erosion.

  Many Hollywood reality shows rely on it.

  Governments around the world use the LongShot for environmental, public works, and large scale manufacturing projects.

  Helicopter Tour companies use the LongShot to record the flight for clients.

  Modeling agencies use the system as a backup and reference for shoots.

  Countless professional photographers, surveyors, pilots, and adventurers rely on the rugged dependability of our LongShot.

  Anglers, kayakers, spelunkers, climbers, skiers, surfers, and Olympians trust the LongShot to simply do what it does best:  keep that camera running, no matter what.



In the words of our founder, Bill Harrison, who invented the LongShot:

“The LongShot is not really about the latest alphabet agency or exotic user… I invented this thing with the little guy in mind, okay?  The person with a small budget and one or two cameras who wants to get incredible footage.  That is what the LongShot is all about.”



The obvious benefit of our LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator is fixing the chronically short battery life in the GoPro cameras.  A less obvious, but very important benefit is heat management.  There are two primary sources of heat in a GoPro, and the LongShot eliminates them both.  One is the internal charging circuit, which the LongShot does not activate.  The other is the GoPro battery itself, which becomes warm during use and while it is charging in the camera.

See the introduction video below: