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Our new DC Head Unit is a useful component for DC applications.  It protects your gear, monitors power usage, distributes multiple connections, and does it all in a simple, rugged, package.



The DC Head Unit is NOT a regulated power supply.  The DC voltage is dictated by whatever you use to supply power.  This can be a DC battery, the cigarette outlet in a vehicle, or the regulated power supply you may already own.  The Head Unit will accept any DC voltage from 7 to 40, making it useful for HAM, Radio Control, Aircraft, Marine, or Military applications.




The front panel, from left to right:

  • The USB port is driven by a dedicated 3 amp transformer, with plenty of power to rapid charge even large USB devices.

  • The LCD Power Monitor has a high contrast back lit LCD, and displays amps, volts and watt-hours in real time.  It also accumulates data on max volts, peak amps, and peak watts.

  • The Anderson powerpole, in the standard ARES format, is NOT connected to the rear circuit breaker.  It is a direct connection to whatever power source you are using.  This is useful if you are running gear that has significant power draw.






The rear panel, from left to right:

  • The distribution block is a set of three power poles fed by a 20 amp circuit breaker.

  • The illuminated ‘main’ switch controls the distribution block and the front USB driver.

  • The ‘DC power in’ connects to your power source.

The housing is anodized aluminum with ABS end caps.

Faceplates are laser engraved ABS

Four non skid rubber feet

The brief video, below, demonstrates the device:


Designed and manufactured in the USA

Free shipping to all 50 states

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