28 Watt Folding Solar PanelSP-28F-aFolds up small and light… this panel fits perfectly into the storage cubby in the JuiceBox R2.

A high efficiency, water resistant, compact solar panel.  Very rugged and reliable.  Excellent performance even in hazy conditions.  Sewn in loops for hanging up or tying down.

We have had excellent results with this panel.  Outputs nearly 2 amps, and comes with the correct cable to plug directly into the Solar Controller of the JuiceBox.

Folds up small and light… this panel fits perefectly into the storage cubby in the JuiceBox R2.

Compare price-per-watt to the Powerfilm 30 watt folding panel, which retails for around $500.  This is not as light or thin, but is a well made panel that does the job very well.

This panel also has a built-in USB charging port.  Very handy if you have devices like phones, GPS’s or tablets that can charge from USB.

9.5″ x 7″ x 2.5″ folded, 36″ x 18″ unfolded.

 We have spent a lot of time using different lighting solutions with our JuiceBoxes…

For highly efficient AC lighting, this is the BEST solution we have ever used:


This is a perfect little solution for room lighting or task lighting… at the cabin, campsite, or if you lose power at home, a couple of these can make a big difference in comfort and safety.  Composed of 24 ‘warm white’ LED’s, the bulb is protected by a vented polycarbonate lens.  The socket is a standard E27, so it will screw directly into the lamp sockets you already have in your home.  This little bulb pulls a tiny 7 watts, yet provides the same light as a 40 watt standard bulb.  A light like this will run a long, long time from one of our JuiceBoxes.


The cord is just over 6 feet long, made of weather-resistant PVC, and the non-polarized plug is easy to manage in the dark.  There is a small swiveling eye-loop on the base to hang the bulb overhead, and a tactile on-off switch right where you expect it to be when you feel for it in the dark.


 Desk Stand for the Yaesu 8900-R

This widget was born because I wanted it.  😉

I like my Yaesu 8900, and I like to use the remote head on my desk while I work.  It is great to be able to have the radio itself plugged into a power supply on the bench behind me, while having the head unit adjacent to my keyboard right where I can see it.

The problem is two-fold… to see the display at a glance, you end up tilting your head way down (or up) to see the display, because it is sitting horizontal or vertical.  Both are bad for visibility.  The other problem is that you cannot easily press the buttons or turn knobs one-handed.  You wind up grabbing the head unit with one hand so you can manipulate the controls with the other…

…so, what do you do about it?  Well, if you have 3D CAD software and an army of 3D printers, and nobody is watching…

You make this:

The 8900-R comes with a little mounting bezel that snaps onto the rear of the head unit.  It has a host of holes and slots that can be used for screw attachment.  I just made a little stand that the bezel will screw onto.  Then I used four of the nice little rubber feet that we already stock for the DHAP, and I put it all together.


Nice.  Now I can one-hand the unit on my desk, the visibility is perfect, and it only cost me an hour of CAD time and a little 3D printer time.

If you want one, and have access to a 3D printer, you can have the STL file for free.  Just shoot me an email at and I will send it to you…




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