Our Products

As we manage our manufacturing resources, we sometimes add and remove products from our website.  If you are looking for something not listed, feel free to call or email.

Recon Air

The Recon Air is powerful, flexible, and extremely compact. Releasing the stainless steel latches separates the three components, allowing you to arrange them to suit the situation. The main housing contains the LiFePo4 battery bank and securely holds a mid-sized radio. The Head Unit is… Read More


As of June, 2020, Hardened Power Systems is still operating, and we are actually manufacturing above normal capacity. Thankfully, our shop is very remote, our town is small, and we have an amazing team that has their heads screwed on straight. We have listed some… Read More

Commander 7200

See the super fast 90-second intro, below: The new Commander 7200 is a full-featured, turnkey solution for operating a rig like the Icom 7200 in a grab-and-go format. All you need is the radio. The Commander handles everything else. ********************************************************************* • 22 AH lifepo4 battery… Read More

HardCase MK1

The HardCase Workstation     As of May 4th, we are accepting orders.  HardCases will be built to order, and lead time will be at least three weeks. Custom engraving, on both the case and the leather handle, are available if you desire.  Call the… Read More

Pocket Vault

  The Pocket Vault is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to hold. Machined from solid american red cherry, it is hand sanded, carefully assembled, and finished with several coats of lacquer.  The Pocket Vault is tough and ready to keep small valuables secure… Read More


A note from Bill Harrison:   At Hardened Power Systems, we have cultivated a reputation for electrical power systems and accessories.  Clearly, this is our chosen area of expertise and is what our customers expect.  In most cases, this means using metal and plastic as… Read More

Commander 7100

Introducing the Commander 7100. Free shipping within the Continental US. Icom IC-7100 not included.   😉 Production has begun on the new Commander 7100… a complete, turnkey solution for the Icom IC-7100  See the 90-second intro, here:     • 22 AH lifepo4 battery bank, built… Read More

JuiceBox 1K

Meet the new Boss.   …Nothing like the old boss.   The new JuiceBox 1K Solar Generator is available.   The most powerful, capable, and flexible machine we have ever built.   Battery chemistry:  LiFePo4.  Expensive, and worth it.  Light, powerful, and inherently safe.  No… Read More

Pilot G2

Pilot G2 Portable Power Center The Pilot G2 is the newest addition to our rugged family of portable power products.  We think it is an industry leading example of an ideal combination of power, features, weight and size. The housing is a 30 caliber ammunition… Read More