Nintendo Switch Case




This is a bit of a departure for us… no electricity, no solar, no knobs or switches.

Oh, wait.  There is one Switch.  Yours.  😉

This whole project was a surprise for me.  When I heard about the Nintendo Switch, the last thing I expected was to build a product around it.  After some research, it was apparent that this device was a bit of a game-changer (see what I did there?) in the gaming community.  15 million units sold in the first year?  Good grief.  So I got my hands on one.  I must say, the Switch is a testimony to precision engineering and manufacturing.  Say what you will about overseas products… this thing is very, very well done.  I was impressed enough to do a little more digging, and when we started to quiz employees, friends, and family, I was shocked that every person I asked knew someone (except for one, Sergio, not to mention any names, Sergio) who had a Switch.  Huh.

Amazon, ebay, and others are replete with cases, pouches, and shells for the Switch.  This is to be expected, based solely on its popularity.  But this is a $300 plus dollar machine, and we are supposed to put it in a $10.00 case?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I took this as a challenge to introduce a younger generation to the beauty, strength, and usefulness of old fashioned American hardwood.

We start with American red cherry and hard maple… beautiful and rugged hardwoods sourced from the Ocooch mountains of SW Wisconsin by a small family business known for the quality of their small batch kiln dried species.  This is expensive, beautiful wood, and it is worth it.  It is a pleasure to work with, and is a delight in the hands as it is shaped.  The wood is machined, sanded, and assembled by our technicians.  After surface prep and several hand-applied coats of a danish-oil rub, the appearance is magnificent.


Laser engraved Celtic knot is standard. If you want the top left blank, choose the ‘no graphic’ case, below.



Although beautiful to look at, this case is also ready to work hard to protect your Switch.  It securely cradles the Switch by pinching it top-to-bottom with neoprene padding.  This ‘locks’ the switch into the case, so the effects of movement, vibration, or impact is minimized.  The precision clearances for all controls means that you Switch will not be accidentally activated, even after bumps or a drop.

The genuine leather strap allows easy carrying.

The air vent on the rear of the case is aligned with the exhaust vent of the Switch, allowing generous airflow.  The two front-firing speaker ports also contribute to venting and cooling.



The front access port allows USB connection while the case is closed.

There is also secure storage for up to seven game cartridges.


The underside of the Switch case…


Above, a CAD rendering of the final design…



Free priority shipping, with tracking, to all 50 states in the USA.

International shipping is available.  Please call or email with an address and we will quote the best rate we can arrange.

(931) 207-0079    

Please allow one week for shipment.










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  1. Very cool! Never thought of wood as a good case but this is beautiful. Can’t wait to get mine!

  2. My dad is old school but he loves his switch. He is gonna love this. I selected the no celtic cause he is boring. Ijust mastered his birthday. please send tracking

  3. Too much money. i can buy one on amazon for almost nothing.

  4. I normally don’t comment when I buy something, but I am really looking forward to getting my case. I have a pistol case that is similar, and it is very cool and is very solid and I think this will be perfect.

  5. This is gorgeous. Can’t buy this quick enough!

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