Some of the videos we have made explaining our gear:


If you have a GoPro Hero 3, 3+ or 4 camera then you know how fast the batteries become spent, at Hardened Power Systems we have solved this issue with our LongShot power system. Below is a video describing this product and its features.


The JuiceBox is our solution to having massive amounts of portable power held within in a military surplus ammo can. The current version of the JuiceBox is the R2 and an introduction is available below.

 video below:


The D-HAP is our innovative all-in-one portable access to the D-Star Network. To our knowledge it is the only device of its kind available. For more information please view the video below:


The JuiceBox is our work horse here at hardened power. This device is durable, portable, affordable, and flexible to your power needs. Please view the video below for more information:


Hardened Power Youtube

Below is a playlist of all of the intro videos to our products. These videos will help you understand all aspects of our products as well as give you an opportunity to meet some of our team. Thanks for watching!

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