LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator | GoPro G4 MK2


 Rugged, refined, reliable.

Eliminates the internal battery in the Hero 4!



LongShot battery eliminator for the GoPro Hero4


Who knew?  The Oklahoma government uses our LongShot to watch grass grow.  No, really.  After controlled burns, the rate of regrowth is closely watched for months.  Our systems make this possible.

Everything you need to run your Hero4 Black or Silver for as long as you want, from any DC power source!  The system accepts any DC voltage from 5v to 24v, and has several available connection options: Cigarette plug, battery clamps, ring terminals, AC adapter, USB, and Anderson Power Poles.  The generous 10-foot power lead allows plenty of flexibility in installation.



The electronics that manage the power are all heat-potted into the white housing.  This is a process that creates a very durable and impact-resistant assembly.  We have many original units that are currently serving on boats, planes, cars, helicopters and drones that receive severe abuse and keep on running.  The new G4 is even more rugged and reliable.  If you break a G4, we would like to know how so we can learn how to make it tougher.

Keep on Trucking:  Our LongShot is increasingly used by truckers and hired drivers to maintain a 100% record of their activities.  This has helped settle many insurance claims quickly, without dispute.


The LongShot G4 Mk2 is waterproof, all the way to your power connection.  You can expose the camera to the elements, even run it underwater.  This is ideal for applications on boats, trucks, planes, helicopters, commercial vehicles, etc.

Long range:  Our LongShots are used by military and private contractors during long range sniper training to maintain uninterrupted monitoring of targets that are 1000 meters away from grid power.  The resulting footage records the results of months of training, and indicates pass or fail.


Free priority shipping to all U.S. addresses.

International flat rate, to nearly all countries, for $30.  Scroll down to add international shipping to your LongShot purchase.

100% compatible with all Hero4 Black and Silver cameras!

Comes with a complete housing and a 10′ power cord.


Choose one or more power options for your LongShot:










Our system does not use the camera’s USB port to deliver power.

The USB, for a variety of reasons, is a poor choice for powering the camera.  Thousands of users have discovered this fact, much to their dismay, after losing footage or overheating their camera.





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