LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator | GoPro G3 MK2


 Rugged, refined, reliable.



LongShot G3 MK2 GoPro battery eliminator



 Everything you need to run your Hero3 or Hero3+ (Black, White, or Silver) for as long as you want, from any DC power source!  The system accepts any DC voltage from 5v to 24v, and has several available connection options: Cigarette plug, battery clamps, ring terminals, AC adapter, USB, and Anderson Power Poles.  The generous 10-foot power lead allows plenty of flexibility in installation.

 On stage:  The LongShot has become the go-to system to create time lapse videos of set-up & tear down of large scale music, sports, and entertainment events (like the last three Super Bowls).  This allows careful review of best practices and future improvement.



The LongShot uses a Battery Eliminator that occupies the GoPro battery compartment.  The Eliminator snaps right into the camera like a regular battery.

Installation is as easy as inserting the Battery Eliminator and swinging the door closed.  Power is delivered exactly how the GoPro Engineers intended:  Via the camera’s own battery contacts.

In Africa:  Remote animal dens are monitored with LongShots to track births and rearing of animals.


The LongShot G3 Mk2 is waterproof, all the way to your power connection.  You can expose the camera to the elements, even run it underwater.  This is ideal for applications on boats, trucks, planes, helicopters, commercial vehicles, etc.


Rogue wave:  A customer captured video while running a LongShot on the bridge of his offshore fishing boat, facing aft.  The dramatic footage shows the boat, at cruising speed, ‘spearing’ a rogue wave, briefly submerging the boat and nearly losing a crew member.  The only reason they have footage of the event is because the LongShot survived the impact and kept recording.

Free priority shipping to all U.S. addresses.

International flat rate, to nearly all countries, for $30.  Scroll down to add international shipping to your LongShot purchase.

100% compatible with all Hero3 and Hero3+ cameras!

Comes with a complete housing and a 10′ power cord.


Choose one or more power options for your LongShot:









 MOAB:  A particular loop on MOAB is vicious and lengthy.  It had never been recorded from start to finish until a customer put four of our LongShots on his modified Jeep and shot the entire thing, uninterrupted, from all four cameras.


Our system does not use the camera’s USB port to deliver power.

The USB, for a variety of reasons, is a poor choice for powering the camera.  Thousands of users have discovered this fact, much to their dismay, after losing footage or overheating their camera.



In-vehicle cameras are becoming very popular.  Having a secure method of recording your travels can be incredibly valuable.  From establishing ‘fault’ in insurance cases, to unexpected once-in-a-lifetime events, to interactions with officials, a reliable recording system can pay for itself in a few seconds.  The LongShot HD is ideal for this application.  Mounted on your dash, powered from a cigarette socket or connected via ring terminals directly to the battery and controlled from a smartphone, this system is an awesome way to be sure you don’t miss a thing.  If you want to do this, consider having us machine microphone holes into your housing for cleaner audio.


Quantity Discounts are available – Please call or email for information

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:  Please add ‘LSG3-IS’ (below) to your cart.  We ship to over 130 countries for this flat rate.  If you are buying multiple units, just call the office at (931) 309-8535 or drop us an email and we will work to get you the best rates.



Click for a customer video review of the LongShot G3 HD – Thanks Steve!

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