JuiceBox 1K

Meet the new Boss.


…Nothing like the old boss.


The new JuiceBox 1K Solar Generator is available.


The most powerful, capable, and flexible machine we have ever built.


Battery chemistry:  LiFePo4.  Expensive, and worth it.  Light, powerful, and inherently safe.  No worries about the fire or explosion dangers of Lithium-Ion.

Inverter:  Commercial grade, Pure Sine wave, shock-mounted, with redundant thermal and electrical protection.  Made for us by Thor Power Products.

DC power options:  individually switched, breaker protected, high amperage, and ready to power virtually any DC device you have.

Charging options:  Worldwide compatible AC charge in just 10-12 hours.  Solar charge in as little as 5 hours.  Vehicle charge in 8-10 hours.  Can be charged while in use.

Housing:  Extruded T5 temper aluminum framework.  Beefy 1/4″ thick housing panels.  Cast stainless steel handles and hardware.  Thick rubber non-skid corner guards all around.  Simply nothing like it, anywhere.


Portability:  33 pounds.  The two stainless steel handles allow easy carrying and are rock-solid anti-theft or tie-down tether points.

Warranty:  Our two-year warranty is unusual.  If something goes wrong, just contact us.  We will make it right, quickly.



A JuiceBox 1K Solar Generator means power when you need it.  If you lose power at your home, apartment, or condo for a few hours or a few days, the JuiceBox 1k will suddenly be precious to you.  Being able to charge phones, tablets, and laptops.  Powering lights, fans, or a small refrigerator.  Being able to jump a car, charge batteries, or listen to the radio.  This machine is meant to provide silent, reliable, and safe power when it counts.

A JuiceBox 1K means power when you want it.  At the job site, at the cabin, at hunting camp.  Tailgating, church events, parties, and outdoor gatherings where independent power goes a long way.  This machine is portable, reliable, and tough.

The large battery and pure sine wave inverter means power for medical devices.  We have many customers who rely on our gear for medical support.  The JuiceBox 1K is the most powerful machine we have offered to the public, and it will make a difference when it really counts for people who must have power.  CPAP machines are a big one for our customers.  Now they will be able to run for several days, at high pressure and humidity settings, without worry.  People who rely on oxygen concentrators and feed pumps will also have many days of usage before needing to recharge the machine.  This can be very important in Northern climates when days are short and solar power is limited.

The JuiceBox 1K means power for emergency response.  Much of our gear is used when disaster strikes.  Some of the most amazing stories we hear relate to our equipment being used to help those suddenly in need.  This is normally for communications.  HAM radios, portable routers, WiFi and Internet devices, laptops, or simply keeping a whole bank of walkie-talkies charged.  FEMA and the National Guard use our gear, and the new JuiceBox 1K will increase their capabilities.

Power for HAM radio.  We love HAMs, and we are HAMs.  When disaster strikes, HAM radio operators suddenly become very popular.  We can reach out long distances and communicate when everything else is down.  LEOs, First Responders, and Emergency Coordinators love HAMs.  But without reliable power we cannot operate.  The JuiceBox 1k is powerful enough to run a 100 watt base station for days at a reasonable duty cycle.  It can support multiple radios, modems, and tuners, all at once.  It can also do this while being charged with solar, DC, or AC.

No fumes, no gas, no noise means you can actually use the JuiceBox when it is needed.  We have many customers who live in apartments, condos, dorms, small RV’s, or other situations where a gasoline generator is simply not an option.  Having a silent source of renewable power can provide some peace of mind when you probably have other things to worry about, and can also make you very popular when the power goes out, and friends, family, or neighbors are not as prepared as you.

American quality, American support and repair.  Our machines are built to work.  Hard.  Please do not confuse our equipment with imports that are meant to be purchased, used, and then discarded when they fail.  We regularly receive broken machines that are five, six, or seven years old from our customers, and after a few hours of a Technician’s time and some new parts, these machines are refurbished, tested, and shipped back to our customers ready to continue working for them.  Even when machines are out of warranty, in most cases we only charge for replacement parts and shipping costs.  We love our customers, and we want them to love our support.


Free shipping within the U.S.

Other destinations call or email for cost.



Battery bank:  88 amp hour, 1,100 Watt hour LiFePo4 bank.  Assembled in our shop in Tennessee.  Battery management and redundant protection built in.  Delivers over 90% of its stored power at over 12 volts.  Maintains over 90% charge after 6 months of storage.  Charge lifespan over 2,000 cycles.  Weight is less than half of lead acid batteries.  Capable of delivering over 8o amps continuous power.  Simply amazing.  The battery alone would cost at least $900 in the current market (please google it).

Inverter:  600 amps continuous, 1200 amp surge.  Pure sine wave.  Protected from under volt, over volt, and temperature extremes.  If overloaded, the inverter will sound an alarm and shut down.  Allow to cool & reset.  Short-circuit protected and ground-fault protected for your safety.  Automatic shutdown if under volt occurs.  The inverter circuitry is suspended within the JuiceBox with elastic mounts that reduce the effects of impact and dampen vibration.

DC Power output:  There are a total of four Anderson Powerpoles on the front panel.  They are separated into two 30-amp gangs, each protected by a re-settable thermal push-button circuit breaker.  Each pair of Powerpoles are individually switched.  These will power most DC devices, easily.

USB Power:  Charge tablets, phones, and other devices with ease.  The four USB power points are individual 3 amp power supplies.  These will charge four USB devices at once.  Be a neighborhood hero and keep everyone’s cellphone and tablet charged.

Rear DC power:  On the rear of the JuiceBox 1K is a large Anderson Power pole.  This is a 75 amp connection, and is meant to handle high loads or to daisy-chain to supplemental batteries.  We make a 75APP to Battery Clamp cable, a 75APP to 75APP Jumper, and a 75APP to ring terminal cable.  These are not listed on our website, because we want to talk to you before you buy, so we can help make sure what you are getting will work for you.

Charging:  An advantage of a machine like the JuiceBox is its ability to recharge under alternative situations.  Please understand that there are basically three different charging scenarios that are an option for you:

Solar:  The JuiceBox has an internal Solar Controller that will correctly charge the machine even with different solar inputs:  20 to 300 watts, 12 to 24 volts.  The controller will automatically adjust and compensate for differing input voltages and amperages.  The JuiceBox comes with a 10-foot cable with MC-4 connectors.  If you need something different, contact us before your machine ships and we will substitute if we can.

D.C.:  We include a charging cable with a male cigarette socket.  This allows charging from a vehicle or other acceptable DC supply.  Please understand that incoming voltage must be 14 volts or higher (a running vehicle, for example).

A.C.:  The internal A.C. charge controller is three stage, automatic, and can accept any worldwide voltage.  The supplied cable is meant for U.S. style receptacles.  You will need to provide a physical adapter for European or other foreign plug styles.  Other than that, it is automatic.

Power Management:  The JuiceBox 1K uses two separate meters to keep you informed.  One for power out, the other for power in.  Outgoing power is monitored in real-time, and the data accumulates as long as the machine is on.  Information like total watts, total amps, peak amps, and min and max voltage, are all recorded and displayed.  This allows real-world estimation of run-time and actual power draw of your devices.  Incoming power is reflected in the second display, and shows the state-of-charge of the battery bank.

Engineering:  Our customers are pretty demanding.  Whether it is a HAM shack, a military comms station, your personal CPAP machine, or other medical device that simply must work, we design and manufacture the gear that makes it happen.  Our history with military, first responders, and other hard-use customers is testament to our ability to deliver when it counts.  Our customers include the Department of Defense, Joint-Special Operations Command, Combat Applications Group, DARPA, Tesla, FEMA, NASA, NYFD,  and many militias, first responders, Police, EMT, Fire, & HAM clubs.  The awesome thing is that you can buy the same gear they do, directly from the manufacturer, right here.

You can trust our design and build teams to deliver capable and durable equipment at a price civilians can afford.


The JuiceBox 1K Solar Generator is deceptively small …  13.5″ tall, 9.0 inches wide, and 12.5 inches deep.  This machine will fit behind and between the seats of a vehicle, next to a hospital bed, on the desk of a comms station, or in your HAM shack.  At 33 pounds, it can be carried with one hand.  Amazing for a 1Kw power source.


Free shipping within the U.S.

Other destinations call or email for cost.

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery of this new machine.


  We invite you to do your own research and then come back and see how we deliver value, quality, and service.  Do you want reassurance that we are reachable and responsive?  Call the shop at (931) 207-0079 during central time office hours and talk to us.  We would love to build you some gear.


Recommended accessories for your JuiceBox 1K;


Solar power is key.  The best testimonials we get are when the owner had a method to recharge using solar.

There are several manufacturers of solar panels that we have experience with and trust.

Renogy makes an excellent 100 watt folding solar panel:

…and Amazon has a great price, HERE

…a 100 watt panel will output about 6 amps in good sunlight.  6 amps will recharge the 88 Ah battery in the JuiceBox from dead to full in about 15 hours.  That probably means two average days of sun for a full charge.  Not bad, but not ideal.

Since the JuiceBox has an internal solar controller rated for up to 20 amps, you can add additional panels.  If you had two of the 100 watt panels, and a combiner cable like this:

…then you are pushing about 12 amps into the JuiceBox, and could recharge from dead to full in about 8 hours.   Much better, especially if you are dealing with short winter days or overcast conditions.


If you want to maximize Solar charging, and therefore minimize the time required, you could link three 100 watt panels together, using a branch cable like this one:

…this would mean you are pushing about 18 amps into the JuiceBox, and could recharge, from dead to full, in about 5 hours.  Impressive.

Of course the above strategy holds true for any solar panel arrangement, as long as you do not exceed the 20 amp rating of the solar controller in the JuiceBox.  The solar controller will also auto-detect 12 volt or 24 volt panels, so feel free to use whatever suits your situation.

The JuiceBox 1K is very compact and light for the power it contains, but it is still 33 pounds.  It can be carried with one hand, but not for long.  Many of our customers use our gear to provide power at events like expos or shows where they have rented a booth.  They can either pay a premium for electrical power, or they can bring their own.  In situations like this, a small dolly is invaluable.  One like this is ideal:

Very inexpensive and compact, and a lifesaver for your back.  A couple bungee cords and the JuiceBox will ride securely.


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  1. I have already ordered my K1. Can’ wait to get and use all thiat power. What a great design Bill!!

  2. What are the charging temperature ranges?

  3. Can you daisy chain the new 1K and the older Juicebox MK2 to work together as a 120 aH capability?

    • Yes, by connecting Powerpole to Powerpole on the two machines. Be sure to use at least a 10 AWG jumper, no more than a few feet long. We can make a cable like that for you, if you prefer.

  4. I’ve had my K1 now for several months. The K1 is everything Bill and his team said it was. It powerful and has a long lasting charge. It plugs right into my Commander, Solar BatPack and all my attachments ( lights, cables etc). It’s the “ Big Daddy “ of battery packs. The construction is built like an Abram Tank. There is power to spare for all my appreciations.
    If it has any draw-backs, it’s might be it’s weight but with that much power it is lighter than other batteries that would deliver 1KW of portable power. I, do wish the face plate had a little more contrast between the lettering and background.
    If you need long lasting, powerful, portable power and versatility with a great shelf life the Juice Box K1 is the ONE for you.

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