HumanaLight Case

The HumanaLight is a brilliant device.


Using a Joule-thief circuit, the HumanaLight pulls power from an otherwise ‘dead’ AA battery and renders it useful.  Very useful if you are in the dark.


Created by the folks at Ears To Our World, and distributed around the world, the HumanaLight offers a low cost, reliable source of light for reading, cooking, working, and all things we humans do when we can see.

Thomas Witherspoon is the founder and Director of ETOW.  He also happens to be a Hardened Power friend and customer.

Through a collaborative effort, ETOW and Hardened Power Systems are pleased to offer, for the first time, a housing for the HumanaLight:



The housing is constructed of 3D printed ABS.  It slides open and closed for easy, tool-free battery changes.  Tiny rare earth Neodymium magnets help the case remain closed while it is in a pack or a pocket.


There is a small finger ridge underneath for a natural, secure grip:


The case is available now.


 We will ship any quantity free to all 50 U.S. states.

International orders of (10) units or more will also ship free.

Please note:  The housing does NOT include the HumanaLight Kit itself.  If you want one or more, visit our friends at GigaParts,  or Universal Radio.

For more information about ETOW, click the logo, below:


If you are curious about assembling the HumanaLight, see the informative video, below:



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