Gription Strain Relief System for Power Poles

Innovative solution for creating a rock solid strain relief for Anderson Power Poles.

Introducing the Gription SRS:


The Gription Strain Relief System, with included shrink tubing.

The Gription Strain Relief System, with included shrink tubing.



Pair of Gription housings, shown with heat shrink and Poer Poles.

Pair of Gription housings, shown with heat shrink and Power Poles.






The Gription Strain Relief System completely solves a persistent problem with failure from stress fatigue.

See the informative YouTube video, below, that introduces and explains the Gription SRS:




Comes with high quality adhesive lined heat shrink tubing, precut to the correct length.

PLEASE NOTE:  Anderson Power Poles are not included.

Free domestic shipping!




Another great Power Pole accessory: our Anderson AutoGrips

Anderson AutoGrip

Anderson AutoGrip


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  1. Joseph Walc, W4EEI


    I received your Gription strain relief and the work great.

    The only suggestion is to make a cut ourt in the shape of a “U” or “V” notch over the hole is on the Anderson Power Pole (that is for Anderson’s roll pin to keep the casings together).

    I use the “power pole” retainers to hold two sets of cables together. These are helpful when conneting “extension cables” from a rig runner to radio or accessories where the power cord is too short. Prevents me from pulling them out if I reach behind the desk. They work great for connecting a radio etc. to a cable that is connected to a car battery by using battery clips.

    These retainers are sold at DX Engineering, Powerwerx and other vendors.

    I think if you make this “modification” you will definately make the Gription an item most amateurs would purchase.

    I modified a couple Griptions from my recent order and yes the hold these retainers quite well. I used a pair of wire cutters to make the notches. Then don’t ruin the integerty of the strain relief and the heat shrink fits below the notch.

    Just my suggestion.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

  2. Hi watched your video of the strainrelief solutions fir anderson plugs. Great product!
    Do you have any strainreliefs packages for Anderson SB 175 amp plugs and can you post to the Netherlands?


  3. Lawrence Robertson

    Do you ship to Canada?

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