Commander 857 & 891

Introducing the Commander.


IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The Commander is now available for the Yaesu 891!  The machine is identical to the Commander 857, with two exceptions:  The mount for the Head Unit is customized for the 891, and the power cable is the four-pin molex (instead of six pin) to fit your 891.


Free shipping within the Continental US.

Yaesu 857D or 891 not included.




Commander 857


Production has begun on the new Commander 857… a complete, turnkey solution for the Yaesu 857D 
• Real-time power usage meter, shows & records voltage and min/max amps & watts of power draw.
• Two 3 watt full-range speakers, with defeat switch.
Front mounted headphone jack.  Run silent or run both speakers and headphones.
• Internal 3 stage AC charge controller, worldwide voltage.
• Internal 3 stage solar controller, accepts up to 60 watts of solar power.
• Two panel mounted antenna extensions, mil spec, shielded RG400, made in the USA.
• Two 3 amp USB drivers, switched, for charging or powering other devices.
Front mounted stainless steel grounding lug, connected via a tinned & braided cable to copper lug.
• Two power poles on front, switched, for accessories.  20A distributed.  
• Head unit swivels into the machine for stowage, swivels out to operate.
Head unit is secured or removed with silicone straps, no tools needed.
• Fits in a fat 50 can. Waterproof when closed.
• Integrated power connection for radio with factory disconnect and two inline fuses.
• Tool-free installation and removal of radio.
• Ability to run the radio with the machine ‘dark’.
• Total weight of machine, with 857 installed is just 18 pounds.




Our two-year warranty is the best in our industry and is only possible thanks to the quality of our gear.  If you have trouble with any of our equipment that we cannot resolve through phone support, ship us the machine and we will repair or replace and ship it back to you at our cost.



Commander shown with the 857 Head Unit swiveled into the stowed position…

Take a video tour of the new Commander:





The exposed Commander, removed from the ammo can…






 Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your new Commander.


We will ship your Commander to any domestic USA address for free.  Most shipments are FedEx Ground.  If you are outside the USA, just email or call the office at (931) 207-0079 and we will quote shipping for you.


The complete Commander 857, below, includes everything you need (except the radio).

The Commander 857 without batteries, below, includes everything you need (except the radio and batteries).


The Commander 891 is identical to the Commander 857, with two exceptions:  The mount for the Head Unit is different, and the power cable is the four-pin molex (instead of six pin) to fit your 891.

The complete Commander 891, below, includes everything you need (except the radio).

The Commander 891 without batteries, below, includes everything you need (except the radio and batteries).





Customer photo of a Commander. Thanks Jeff!



Another customer photo.



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  1. I have been using the Commander for nearly thre months now, partly for work and partly for pleasure. I cannot say enough about the engineering that went into this machine. It just works, and the battery is awesome. Makes it easy when I have to roll out and have comms. Thanks guys, and thanks Sergio for your help in getting it going.

  2. Looks Great

  3. Bill
    I work more digital than voice. Need easy access to data,acc rear panel connections. The 857D gets hot real quick even QRP using WSJT-X. Any comments?

    • There is access to the remaining connectors… There is about 1.5″ of clearance for the protrusions. Regarding heat, The 857 has two fans on the end opposite the connectors, and we have about two inches of clearance there… when the head unit is swiveled into the operating position, the large gap above it allows the fans to exchange air.

  4. Interesting composition. Some developing ideas start grown already, but I like that snivel wich turn radio front. I encourage to think that’s you’ll will offer model for newer Yaesu models as well.

    Also inbuilt battery and charger – all in one case.

  5. Is there a way to plug this into a remote deep cycle battery for extended off grid use?

    • Scott,
      Yes, you can connect another battery to the Commander. Simply plug a Power Pole cable into either one of the two Power Pole ports on the Commander. Ensure the adjacent switch is ‘on’ to close the circuit.

  6. I didn’t see in any of the pictures, or video the cable from the radio control head to the radio. Is the stock short cable that comes with the 857D long enough to reach the radio and still swivel, or is there a longer cable supplied?

  7. When you say “The complete Commander, below, includes everything you need (except the radio).” does that include the ammo can?

  8. Can I order one and have it at least a week before field day?

  9. Im guessing there is not enough room for a Signalink in the Commander?

  10. Just ordered my commander! Are you know shipping or is there still a delay?

  11. I want to use the Commander with a Kenwood TM-D710 packet/APRS station. I looks like it will fit by watching the videos. I would mount the TR unit the same fashion as the FT857 and the control head on the swivel bracket. Has this been done before? Any recommendations?

  12. Will a system eventually be made for the IC-7000 in the future..???

  13. How are ANT HF/50MHz & ANT 144/430MHz differentiated inside the can? Are the jumpers labeled?

    This has gone to the top of my wish list!
    73 KD8SGP

    • They are not labeled inside the can, but the lengths are different, so you cannot connect them backwards. Very straightforward to connect. 😉

  14. Cool set up.
    Battery charger like a trickle charger? When battery power is down and you plug into 120 outlet, will it still power the radio or is there a lag time to get the batteries up to speed?

  15. Saw one at our HAM club. Very cool looking but too expensive. I could build one myself for half the price.

  16. I ordered a Commander a few days ago and am waiting for this go box. If it is a nice as it appears in your advertisement I will order a Recon G1 for my Kenwood V71. The boxes look very nice.

    Thanks for what appears to be a nice product.

    Sid Styers

  17. Recently used my Commander at an event – setup with the Alpha Antenna and managed to contact the Southern portion of Brazil from Michigan. Great system. One question – when connected to a power cord to charge the batteries I get a little RF interference from the charger. Do I not have something setup properly or is there a way to minimize the interference so it doesn’t drive the noise level up? The Solar charger is really quiet, so it is only with the corded charger.

    • Randy,

      I feel your pain. It can be hard to minimize RF from AC… ferrite chokes are the best way I know of… I have used the clip-on chokes, experimenting with where they are placed, and have had success about 50% of the time trying to eliminate the slight ‘buzz’. If you call or email the shop, we will put a couple chokes in the mail for you, no charge.

  18. I am thinking of taking this on a road trip and want to use it as a mobile rig. What would you recommend for powering the radio, or keeping the batteries topped off when solar or AC power is not available? Can a power cord from the cigarette lighter provide enough power for the solar power connector? Or should the batteries be bypassed in this type of configuration?

    Thank you in advance

  19. Wow, absolutely stunning. Would it be possible to swap one of the speakers with a fan? Or maybe pay extra for the fan (controlled by a switch maybe?).

    I was pricing out building one myself for this exact radio and I feel like this is the way I’ll probably go anyways.

    • Conrad,

      We did not incorporate an additional fan into the Commander, because the radio itself already has cooling fans, and the radio is by far the primary source of heat. We are not aware of any heat issues whatsoever in the field.

  20. I bought one after I saw a buddy with one. I am pleased witht he performance but the rotating head is hard to get used to. Batteries are amazing. ran for several days in the Cascades before I had to use the solar panel.

  21. Can I buy your products in the UK please ?

    • Norman,

      We do not have distributors in the UK. We only sell directly to customers… we do ship worldwide, though. You can reach out to us via phone or email, provide your shipping address, and we will work with you to get the best shipping rate possible.

  22. Hi Bill, I received my Commander and Recon G1. Both are very nice, I put a Kenwood V71 in the Recon fit was tight but it looks great. I also love the Commander but I do have a question. You don’t mention anything about mobil operations in your presentation. Can I use the auto 12V system into the Anderson power outlet for power and will that charge the battery in the box? Thanks for everything very nice product. Sid Styers

    • Sid,

      Great to hear you like your gear! Yes, the Commander (and Recon) can be charged from a DC source via any of the Powerpoles on the front panel. The should be considered a ‘field expedient’ solution, though, because you would bypass the internal charge controller and not benefit from an intelligent (bulk, taper, trickle) charge. A good way to do it would be to use a cable with a male cigarette socket on one end, and a DC 5.5 x 2.1 coax on the other. This would allow you to plug into the charge controller input on the Commander or the Recon.

  23. Can I use the Commander with the Yaesu FT-891, which appears
    to be similar to the FT-857 such as in size. I would like
    to use your product.

    • Raymond,

      Yes, the Commander 891 is now available. You will find it on the Commander product page. We would love to build you one!

  24. I am happyy with the performance, but I am most impressed witht he effort that went into every frikken detail of design. This is the first time I have reviewed something, and I have to say the closer I look at the commander, the more impressed I am with what must have went into the thought behind it. Just wow. It looks great in my shack, and I can throw it in the truck whenever I want and be operating. Thanks Sergio!

    oh, I wish it was easier to slide out of the can.

  25. I borrowed one from a friend for field day and did not want to give it back. I wish it was cheaper. Cool set up.

  26. I like my Commander & FT-857 but haven’t used it very much because I’m having too much fun with my Yaesu FT-817D QRP rig which takes me quite a while to set up and take down. So what are the chances of a nice box for the 817/818?

  27. Are you still offering the Commander for an 857. Wondered because the emails are dated.

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