Commander 7100

Introducing the Commander 7100.

Free shipping within the Continental US.

Icom IC-7100 not included.   😉

Production has begun on the new Commander 7100… a complete, turnkey solution for the Icom IC-7100 

See the 90-second intro, here:


• 22 AH lifepo4 battery bank, built by us and covered by our two year warranty.

• Real-time power usage meter, shows & records voltage and min/max amps & watts of power draw.
• Two 3 watt full-range speakers, with defeat switch.

Front mounted headphone jack.  Run silent or run both speakers and headphones.

Microphone pocket for secure storage and internal connection.
• Internal 3 stage AC charge controller, worldwide voltage.
• Internal 3 stage solar controller, accepts up to 60 watts of solar power.
• Two panel mounted antenna extensions, mil spec, shielded RG400, made in the USA.
• Two 3 amp USB drivers for charging or powering other devices.
Front mounted stainless steel grounding lug, connected via a tinned & braided cable to copper lug.
• Two power poles on front for accessories.  20A distributed.  
• Head unit is a very secure ‘press fit’ into its stowage bay.
Head lifts out easily for operating outside the Commander.
• Fits in a fat 50 can. Waterproof when closed.
• Integrated power connection for radio with factory disconnect and two inline fuses.
• Tool-free installation and removal of radio.
• Ability to run the radio with the machine ‘dark’.

Our two-year warranty is the best in our industry and is only possible thanks to the quality of our gear.  If you have trouble with any of our equipment that we cannot resolve through phone support, ship us the machine and we will repair or replace and ship it back to you at our cost.

See the detailed product video, below:

We will ship your Commander to any domestic USA address for free.  Most shipments are FedEx Ground.  If you are outside the USA, just email or call the office at (931) 207-0079 and we will quote shipping for you.

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  1. Questions:

    1) Is the unit intended to provide EMP protection when enclosed in a closed 50 cal can?

    2) What is the weight of the unit including a 50 cal can and an IC-7100?

    What resources and parts are required to install the IC-7100?



    • 1. The Ammo can is EMP resistant, but not EMP proof. To make it extremely effective at resisting EMP, replace the rubber gasket with a metal braid or aluminum foil.

      2. The complete system, with radio installed, is 24.5 pounds.

      3. You need nothing but your radio. We even include the four pin molex and inline fuses for the power connection to the radio.

  2. Approximately how long will this keep an icom ic-7100 going assuming 10% transmit? 5% transmit?

    • Paul, The Commander has a 22 Ah LiFePo4 battery, with about 20 Ah available before under volt occurs. Depending on the wattage your 7100 is set for, run time is a minimum of several hours. We have customers running their rig all weekend with a reasonable tx duty cycle and lower watt transmitting.

  3. Wow, just received my Commander 7100,and I am impressed! The build and material quality is very high. The front panel is nicely designed with a very functional layout of all the items. Lettering throughout is clear and easy to read. I know the 7100 has an odd control head unit, but this box has a great design to handle it. The unit can be used with the control head in its storage position, or it can be taken out and set on a flat surface.

    I thought the body of my radio would be an issue but alas the designers have this figured out down to every connection. The radio body slides into place with little effort. All the connections; antennas, power, speaker, control head cable and ground strap are right where they need to be. They even include the correct molex style power connector so no looking around for that.

    The microphone has its own storage area. It is a tight, but works well. I particularly like the extra opening on the bottom right for any other cable we may wish to add later.

    The ammo box idea is very cool. Tough, very sturdy and waterproof.

    I will make good use of this setup for all kinds of outdoor radio events, but it will also work at home on the desk.

    You will not be disappointed with this!

  4. What is the voltage range (minimum to maximum) that the Solar charging input port can take. Will my 18V solar panel work?

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