Anderson AutoGrip

We love Andersons, and use a lot of them.  Early on, however, we were frustrated with the available solutions for mounting Anderson Power Poles.

The little aluminum plates that are available just don’t work well.  The plastic bezels are nice, but expensive and very bulky.  Over time, we have developed a rock solid, simple solution.  

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 CNC machined from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), these mounting blocks are easy to use and very tough. See the brief video below that explains the problem and our solution!

HDPE is a great material to work with, strong yet forgiving.

 A #6 machine screw will self-tap into the holes that are drilled into the block.  If you need to open the holes up or drill them through the block, it is easy to do with a normal bit and a hand drill.

We offer two configurations of the AutoGrips, a 2-way sold in a pack of 10 (for a pair of power poles):


 …and a 4-way sold in a pack of 6 (for 2 pair of power poles):

We also include a handy installation jig. This makes it a little easier to install power poles into your new AutoGrips.


If you happen to be going to a HAMfest in your area, there is a good chance that Quicksilver Radio will be there… they stock these AutoGrips.  Say Hi to John Bee for us!

Another great Power Pole accessory: our Gription SRS strain relief:


A short video from a user who did a nice mod with our AutoGrips:


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