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JuiceBox Owners:

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"Received the Juice box today.  Looks awesome.
Thank you."

W. Tornatore

New Mexico

"Just a quick note to say thanks for an awesome product. I love my new JuiceBox! It is very well built and has exceeded my expectations."

 Dave P.

(See Daves video review of the JuiceBox! Click here.)


The power to go...and go...

A powerful, rugged system that will generate, store, and deliver it’s own electricity - anywhere!

The JuiceBox is built into a U.S. Army ammo can. This makes an incredibly durable case that is completely waterproof when closed.

On a single charge, the JuiceBox R2 can do any one of the following:
  • Charge a typical laptop six times
  • Charge a Smart Phone 50 times
  • Charge a Cell Phone 80 times
  • Run an I-Pad® for nearly 100 hours
  • Run a portable radio for weeks
  • Run a GPS for 140 hours
  • Run a desktop fan for 20 hours
  • Light up a campsite for several nights
JuiceBox shown with a 28-watt solar panel.  This panel fits inside the JuiceBox!

   Imagine a briefcase sized waterproof box that can silently power your PC, laptop, radio, fans, small television, and more. it will easily charge your phone, Ipad, tablet… any common portable device. When it needs recharging, simply plug it into the wall or use the included solar panel. No gas, no fumes, no noise.

   This unit is very popular with campers, hunters, boaters, radio operators and preppers.

   Of course, anyone who has learned the painful lessons of natural disasters or long periods of power loss appreciates how valuable self-sustaining power can be...

   If you have medical devices that need uninterrupted power this may be a solution, especially if combined with a JuiceBrick. If you have medical needs, please call us or email so we can discuss the specific power requirements of your equipment and how you want to use it.



R.W., from Hunstville, AL,  picking up his new JuiceBox.

I take my gear very seriously and I am very impressed with your products. You can count on repeat business.

Dave P., Portland, OR

"My juicebox stays in my open fishing boat.  It saved my butt when my battery died.  It started the motor no problem.  It gets knocked around, stepped on, whatever.  Thing is built tough for sure."

T.O., Greensboro NC






Juicebox arrived.  Beautiful, rugged and worth every penny.  Thanks for building and supporting such a great device.

A.B., Fairfield, IN.


C.P. with her machine.  She knows that a JuiceBox will actually run a crockpot all day!



"Very happy.  (JuiceBox) Built like a tank and still easy to take with us."

R.A., Radcliff, KY




HAM operator using a JuiceBox to run an air compressor to pressurize a home made potato gun... really.  The gun is used to launch antenna wires into or over trees.

"The Juicebox worked good.  Ran lights a radio and electric knife all weekend."

S.K., Greeneville, SC.



"I can't believe how much we use this thing.  Last weekend at church it ran a crockpot in the parking lot.  It ran both laptops for an evening while we were doing some renovating.  I couldn't find the wall adapter for my spotlight, but I charged it through the 12 volt socket on the JuiceBox.  I now think of the JuiceBox as a necessity, not a luxury.  I wish we had two."

S.Y., Cornersville, TN



 Case is enameled steel, welded at all seams, and given 3 coats of enamel paint.
· Hinged lid is sealed with a continuous rubber gasket and is removable.
· Inverter provides 450 watts constant, 900 watts surge.
· Two AGM batteries totaling 288 WH (24 AH). Sealed, spill-proof, and maintenance free.
· Battery life is 300 to 400 cycles - replacements are easy to find, buy, and install.
· Digital meter displays real-time voltage of the batteries.
· Circuit breaker protects sensitive components—no fuses to replace or worry about.
· Two marine-grade 12 volt sockets for all common automotive devices.
· Two Anderson Power Pole connections for high-power, Low-loss 12 volt power.
· One 120 volt pigtail, three-prong, to power common ‘house power’ devices.
· 2 USB ports, 3 amps, for powering and charging phones, tablets, games, etc.
· 3-amp Automatic Battery Charger - charges and maintains the batteries from a wall socket.
· Automatic Solar Controller, 4.5 amp capacity. Can easily handle up to 60 watts of solar panels.
· Tough, mil-spec foam ‘locks’ the system into the can to resist vibration and jarring.
· Dimensions: 7.25” x 8.5" x 11” Weight: 29 lbs







Ham Operator

          Above, A JuiceBox is running two mobile HF radios, a Panasonic ToughBook, and two external speakers.  Depending on transmission ratio, a JuiceBox can easily do this for an entire weekend.  With sunny days and the solar panel, this can be greatly extended.





JuiceBoxes (R1, now obsolete) staged for bench testing and quality checks.





JuiceBoxes (R1) receiving their final charge before shipping.


 Most are painted grey with the white stencil, but not all.  First responders often want blaze orange, and some people want the stencil omitted.  This is no problem, and no extra charge.  Just include a note with your purchase or give us a call. 

NOTE:  You might want your JuiceBox in its original 'surplus' ammo can, unpainted and anonymous.  This might be smart, depending on your circumstances and your needs.  We are happy to do it, just ask.



If you need your machine shipped anywhere else, make your purchase (or just contact us) and we will arrange the best rates. We ONLY charge actual shipping, and there is never a 'handling' fee.




Bench tested and burned in at our shop. Unit arrives fully charged and ready to use.  Does NOT include solar panel.  If you are interested in a solar panel like the 28 watt shown in our YouTube video, just shoot us an email or call the office at (931) 309-8535

JB-MK1R2   $540.00



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