As of October 22nd, 2012:

The ReVolt is ready.

If you have been on the waiting list, check your email before calling.  Units are now shipping.

  Thank you!

            If you have small devices that need 12 volt power, you should consider the ReVolt.  This is NOT a little ‘cell phone back up’ battery that you buy at WalMart…

           The ReVolt is waterproof.  Not water resistant, water PROOF.  It contains a full 5 amp hours at 12 volts.  That is 60 watt hours, in the palm of your hand.   If you want to compare it to a cellphone charger, be sure you compare true energy, shown below:


At 12 volts, it has 5 amp-hours (5,000 MaH), or 60 watt-hours

At 5 volts (USB), it has 12 amp-hours (12,000 MaH), or 60 watt-hours

At 3 volts it has 20 amp-hours (20,000 MaH), or 60 watt-hours



Be sure to arm yourself with apples-to-apples information when you are comparing the ReVolt to other devices.  We know the value and the capability represented by the ReVolt.  If you think you have found anything that comes close to the same value, quality, and ruggedness, we would love to hear about it.


Hardened Power Systems

Powerful, Portable, Affordable.

  Some of the most demanding customers are Emergency Responders.  Of these, Search & Rescue teams and EMT’s are particularly hard on their equipment.  When we had the opportunity to create an entirely new type of power source for two local Rescue Squads, we hit the drawing board.  After researching what was available on the market and determining requirements for power, weight, and durability, we developed an entirely new armored battery: the ReVolt.


· 60 watt-hour  NiMH Battery bank

· 12 volt DC port

· USB port - 3 amp

· LED volt meter

· Weighs less than 2.5 pounds.

· Compact - about the size of a paperback book.

· Straps onto a belt, pack, or fits into a large cargo pocket.

· Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof.  Crazy Tough!


Toss it in a briefcase, purse, or glove box.  Strap it onto the outside of a backpack or rescue rig using the MOLLE compatible straps.  Attach it directly to your belt, hang it from a branch, or lay it on the ground next to your equipment.  Throw it in the bottom of the canoe or kayak, take it hunting, fishing, camping, or caving.  Work hard and play harder.

The ReVolt is built to tolerate abuse.


8” x 2” x 5”             2.5 lbs            Free shipping to the lower 48

The ReVolt does not just push the envelope.  It folds, spindles, and mutilates it.


A portable battery system that is armored for real life.


A source of energy that is not harmed by water.


A reliable, versatile power source for the home, office, campsite or disaster response.


To the best of our knowledge, there is no other commercially available, civilian battery system like the ReVolt (at any price).  If you find something similar, we would love to hear about it!  Drop a line to:



We are now taking new orders!  At this time, units are shipping within 12 days of ordering.


· Standard ‘lighter socket’ adapter included.

· Smart, fast charger included.

· Tough Molle pouch included.


   The switches are waterproof.  They are LED illuminated, and are rated for 20 amps.

All screws are stainless steel.

The I.D. plate is brass.

The eye straps are cast stainless steel, and serve two important functions.  They allow a strap to be attached, and they also protect the switches if the unit is dropped onto the faceplate.

(931) 637-2944


Works with Cellphones, smartphones, tablets, games, Ipads, Ipods, MP3 players, portable radios, GPS units, lights, etc.

Take all the devices you already own and extend their run-time.

Have a source of power that you can absolutely rely on!


  The Pouch is honest Mil-Spec.  It has double rust-proof zippers, a drain hole, and is constructed of  600 denier nylon.  It has vertical molle straps on back with snaps, and horizontal ladder molle on the front.  It is made by Voodoo Tactical, which is a recognized leader in hard-use gear.  It has additional pockets and elastic sleeves inside, although there is not much extra room.  The ReVolt fills the pouch almost completely, which is deliberate.  It is a nice, tight fit so it does not bounce around on your hip or in your bag.



           The NiMH battery is wrapped in a heavy duty (1mm) PVC sheath.  Then it is re-wrapped in a pure silicone elastic shock-absorber.  Then it is cradled within the housing in a bed of high-impact, high temperature epoxy compound.  Then the whole assembly is potted with a mixture of pure GE silicone and liquid epoxy.

           The Internal electrical components are all soldered, bedded, and potted.  This effectively makes the ReVolt a solid mass.  We are not really sure how you would break one… although our customers seem to enjoy trying.