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Rugged Power Supply Systems That Work.  Hard.

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Our mission is to help you get more out of the gear you already have. 


Hardened Power Systems designs and manufactures high quality, dependable  power products.  Premium components and constant innovation make our power systems reliable and state of the art.  Please comparison shop carefully before you spend your money.


"You only buy quality once."


We invent, manufacture, and sell our own products.

We maintain reasonable margins and sell at reasonable prices.

Please note:  We always publish all the specs on our gear, right on our website.  This makes it possible for you to accurately comparison shop.  We want you to be informed.  Please be careful of devices for which the watt-hour capacity is not published.




  • Emergency and Backup Power

  • Disaster Preparedness

  • Inverters / Electrical Generators

  • Suitable for apartments and condos - no fuel, no fumes, no noise.

  • Charging and Recharging Systems

  • Alternative / Sustainable Power Solutions

  • Minimalist, Survivalist & Bug-Out Power Solutions

  • Search & Rescue, EMS & Disaster Response

  • Military and First Responders Use Our Gear!!

  • Camping, Wilderness & Survival Power



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"Very happy.  (JuiceBox) Built like a tank and still easy to take with us."

R.A., Radcliff, KY


"Love the ReVolt.  But my wife won't give it back."

B.A., Memphis, TN.


 Juicebox arrived.  Beautiful, rugged and worth every penny. 

Thanks for building and supporting such a great device.


A.B., Fairfield, IN.


"The Juicebox worked good.  Ran lights a radio and electric knife all weekend."

S.K., Greeneville, SC.


 "I have received the Revolt.  Very impressive.  Great to see there are people and firms like yours that still have inventions and high quality products that are MADE IN THE USA !"

J.R.B., Toronto, Canada


"My juicebox stays in my open fishing boat.  It saved my butt when my battery died.  It started the motor no problem.  It gets knocked around, stepped on, whatever.  Thing is built tough for sure."

T.O., Greensboro NC 


"Spent the weekend in the woods with two buddies.  The Revolt ran a GPS both days and kept our radios up.  I brought a little led string light and we had light both nights in camp!  Got back and the volts were still showing over 12.  Kind heavy, but it is coming with me from now on." 

P.R., Evansville, KY


"Our pastor loves his JuiceBox.  He shows it to anybody who asks about it."

M.B, Huntsville, AL


"I can't believe how much we use this thing.  Last weekend at church it ran a crockpot in the parking lot.  It ran both laptops for an evening while we were doing some renovating.  I couldn't find the wall adapter for my spotlight, but I charged it through the 12 volt socket on the JuiceBox.  I now think of the JuiceBox as a necessity, not a luxury.  I wish we had two."

S.Y., Cornersville, TN



(After the local Post Office mutilated the shipping box:)

The ReVolt had not a scratch on it and powered up at 13.5V... so far I’m happy as a pig in slop with my ReVolt also appears Tank tread resistant as well.  <snip> I consider the ReVolt the  Rolls Royce of power systems.

M. A.,  Niantic Ct.






God bless and stay safe.

Thank you for your business!

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